Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is Anybody Still Out There...?

Wow it has been waaaayyy too long since I last posted. I have been lurking on all of your blogs, just not keeping up with my own! This month has been crazy, and that's an understatement. Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, and I'm still feeling like I haven't gotten my feet under me yet. I apologize for the extreme vague-ness (am I making up words here?) but I would just prefer not to discuss and look forward instead. I'm trying to be positive but I'm really not a natural optimist- no time like the present to learn, I suppose :) I've also realized that I haven't been taking very good care of myself lately, both in terms of my eating habits and exercise. My health has always been a top priority, but lately I've been indulging in cupcakes and handfulls of trans-fat laden chips and crackers and other junk that I know just isn't worth it. When I feel good, I'm good to myself, but when I don't....Well, it's not pretty. I need to kick my bad habits and get back to the good ones. I've also gained 5 pounds or so in the last few months- nothing major, just a signal that I need to step back and change some things about my lifestyle. Sorry for such a downer post! I will definitely be posting more often now because I have seen how supportive the blogging community can be and I'm thinking this healthy living overhaul I'm going to make needs some of that support :)

Ok I can't make this all negative- my family is getting a puppy in 4 weeks!!!!! Our sheltie Tinkerbell died in January and we were all just so heartbroken... But we are getting a little baby boy sheltie puppy :) I went to visit him last night and there were 8 puppies in total and it was just the cutest scene ever!!! I'll post pics as soon as I get some!


VeggieGirl said...

Linds, I'm terribly sorry that things have not been going so well for you, and that your Sheltie died (as you saw from one of my recent posts, I lost my Sheltie as well - I'm here if you need support with that).

PLEASE remain strong, positive, and upbeat - I'm praying that things get much better for you soon!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are back. I hope that July is your month to shine! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I am happy you are back - we missed you... Sorry to hear about your doggie :( Good luck with the new pup!

every gym's nightmare said...

crap happens. and rehashing it when you want to move on doesnt help any- thats why i hate small talk like, "so what have you been up to?" cant we just move on?

anyways, glad you are back!

just me said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling, but what goes down must come up! so things can only get better! and i know exactly how you feel...i went through something like this recently too. but glad you're back and i hope you're going to share pictures of your new puppy!

stay strong!

Simple and Divine said...

Aw Linds! Keep your head up loverdove! Of course we're still here for you... That's a pretty ridiculous question, don't ya think? Lol. But a new puppy! Yayyy! That's so exciting!

And don't worry about the indulging behaviors! Life is about enjoyment! Enjoy those times and enjoy the delicious cupcakes! No one ever said (on their death bed), "Darn! I really wish I never had that piece of chocolate cake" :) (My Grammy always says this haha)

Anyways, remember that we're always here... And you are N.O.T. a bad blogger. Shit, if anyone is... Yours truly's got it covered ;)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yay Linds, you're back!!!

I'm so sorry about your poor doggie... my best friend just lost her sheltie too. But I'm super-excited for you to go get your new puppy! You must post pictures :o)