Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Bite Of Heaven- With Frosting

I left my house at 11 today and didn't get back until 4- and I was walking nearly the whole time! I'm a little tired but happy that I got to see so much today :) I set out this morning with a particular destination in mind, but I obviously wasn't paying enough attention to street signs because I walked right past it! I went about 20 minutes longer and then started to get fed up and sadly decided to give up my quest and stop at a nearby park for lunch. I had packed a wrap made with an Ezekiel tortilla, the last of the spinach and dill hummus, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, rotisserie chicken and mustard. I also savoured one of the gorgeous nectarines I bought at Marche Jean Talon yesterday.

After eating I started walking back the way I had came, when lo and behold I spotted the street sign I had been seeking! I started getting excited and searched the store fronts until the one I wanted popped out at me :)

Petits Gateaux (little cakes, or cupcakes) is a bakery entirely devoted to cupcakes. It was adorable- pretty pink walls, flowers everywhere, and glass cases filled with cupcakes! There were so many different varieties, all beautifully decorated with elaborate icings. They also have mini cupcakes, which are about half the size of a standard cupcake, which is what I chose to have- it was the perfect treat, 4 little bites of heaven. Mine was a banana cupcake topped with a soft brown sugar fudge-like icing and chocolate drizzle and it absolutely melted in my mouth.

My camera batteries died on me otherwise I would have taken more pictures! I will definitely be coming back here, I really want to try the coconut and carrot cake one. They even have a lavender flavoured cupcake!

I also walked past the legendary St- Viateur Bagel Shop so I stopped in to buy a multigrain bagel for breakfast tomorrow. They have a huuuuge wood burning oven behind the cash that is totally open so you can actually watch them shape and then cook your bagel. Mine was a little warm still from being so fresh out of the oven :) See you later for dinner!

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CeciLiA said...

OOlala .... food porn ... cupcakes!!!! Yours looks sooo sooo good, brown sugar fudge sounded so freaking delicious!!!

YAY! Love fresh bread out of the oven - nothing beats!!