Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I tasted some of my new spinach and dill hummus as I was making my packed dinner wrap today and was shocked at how good it was. I've never been crazy about hummus before but this stuff was incredible! The dill just made the flavour so amazing... After this hummus epiphany I knew I had to incorporate it into lunch too, so I spread roughly a tablespoon on some cucumber slices along with pineapple, 2% yogurt and a gingersnap Larabar.

The gingersnap flavour was also amazing! I fall in love with Larabars all over again every time I eat one :) hahaha. They honestly keep me full for hours... Must be all those healthy fats.

Dinner wrap pre-close: Ezekiel tortilla, spinach and dill hummus, cucumber, carrots, spinach, and chicken.

Post-close wrap with blueberry yogurt and another diet blackcurrent soda (need to start weaning myself off these!). The wrap was so delicious even though I had to eat it in the not-so-scenic staff room at work... A similar one will most likely be making an appearance tomorrow :)
Good night!


VeggieGirl said...

That's definitely one of my favorite Larabar flavors - has a nice amount of spiciness to it :0)

CeciLiA said...

OOoo spinach and dill hummus - never thought of that flavor combination before. I might try that flavor combination on my sandwich tomorrow! Hehehe, I like how you wrap up your tortillas with foil - smart!

ashley said...

r meals look so healthy and fresh! Dill is so good, and I bet it is delicious with hummus! I'll have to look for it!