Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ham & Cheese, The Remake

My computer is absolutely flat-out refusing to load my pictures right now. I have no idea why. It won't even recognize that I've plugged in my usb! I'll try again later, but I wanted to type this up so for now, no pics, but hopefully my computer will smarten up and start behaving again soon. (EDIT: It did!! Photos are up now!!)

My burrito lunch held me over SO well!!! I ate around 1:30 (oatmeal got me from 6-1:30, isn't that just incredible?! Go oats!!!!) then went to the gym straight from work and didn't get home until 6:45. And I was just starting to get hungry at that time, after an intense workout too. I really just needed to sweat it out tonight, and boy did it ever feel good. 30 minutes on the elliptical and then another 30 on the treadmill (running for 25, walking on a fairly steep incline for 5). I took my time stretching it all out afterwards and I feel sooo much better and more relaxed now. I'm a pretty tightly-wound person so exercise really is like therapy for me- I want to start practicing yoga because I think it would also help me relax a bit better.

Anyway, after the gym I came home and made the dinner I started craving at 10am this morning... Ham and cheese :) But not any old ham and cheese. I used two slices of maple-smoked ham with an ounce of camembert cheese (my absolute favourite), some mustard, and a kamut flour tortilla. I grilled it until melty on the George Foreman and quickly entered gourmet grilled cheese heaven... Divine. I also had a massive side salad with mixed greens, broccoli, blueberries, mixed dried berries, a touch of pepper and some balsamic vinegar. I must say, I was pretty darn happy with this meal.

As I was spreading the mustard out over my tortilla tonight I was remembering how much I used to hate mustard. I love it now, which got me thinking of other things that I used to loathe as a child and that I now can't get enough of... I remember being fed fish and trying to spit it into a napkin when my parents weren't looking, whining when they gave me sweet potato souffle, and hating oatmeal so much that I wouldn't let my siblings eat it out of my favourite bunny bowl for fear of contaminating my dish forever. My parents still made me eat most of these things and it's kind of funny how much I love everything I once used to abhor. I would love it if my mom made me something as laborious as sweet potato souffle nowadays! At least childhood variety paid off in good tastes now :) Anyone else remember foods they would only eat if they were promised dessert afterwards?? ;)

See you tomorrow! Let's hope for the return of some pictures....


VeggieGirl said...

Yes, I remember dishes like that - Frito pie. But then I'd get to have dessert (cookies and berries - I know, weird combination), so it was all good :0D

Anonymous said...

ugh that stinks - mine was totally doing that earlier but it seems to be working now luckily, hope your issue gets resolved soon!