Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is There Anything More Perfect Than Fresh Fruit?!

This morning for breakfast I decided to have the cherries I picked up at the fruit shop with Conor along with some perfectly ripe cantaloupe. The combination of the two together with my favourite 2% plain yogurt and vanilla almond granola tasted just divine!

I'm working today but before then trying to squeeze in a trip to the bus station to buy my tickets to BOSTON (yaaaayyyyy!!!!!) and also trying to schedule an appointment to view an apartment. I'll probably be posting lunch and dinner later on tonight when I'm back from work :) Happy Tuesday!


VeggieGirl said...

Fresh fruit IS perfect - especially right now, when there's so many different varieties available!! Yum!!

Hooray for Boston!! :0)

Sarah said...

I agree--fresh fruit is the absolute best! I just can't get enough of it recently...my addiction is insane-to the point that sometimes I crave it even more than (gasp) CHOCOLATE!

Brooke said...

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