Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mid-morning Quest

Today's breakfast wound up being exactly the same as yesterday's, except that I had to work for it today! I had forgotten to buy bananas, so naturally, I woke up with an insatiable craving for bananas. I hate being disappointed with meals, whether due to the taste or because it's not what you're craving, so I decided to head to the grocery store and pick up some bananas. Luckily I live right downtown and there are several grocery stores within quick walking distance, so my banana quest wasn't too challenging. Even though my meal was simple (1 cup of Barbara's Shredded Oats, the prized banana, and Vitasoy Light Original Soymilk) it tasted delicious and left me totally satisfied.

Now I'm just sipping my coffee and planning out my day. Probably a trip to the gym, maybe the pool, a walk to my favourite health food store... Fun things in store for today!


VeggieGirl said...

Oh man, I can't go ONE day without bananas - they're just too much of a necessity!! I admire your willpower to get through the morning without one!! :0)

Ashley said...

I definitely agree with you & veggiegirl- I seriously freak out if there are no bananas in the house and will go to great lengths to get them as well :-) I have to have one every morning. Your day sounds like fun, hope it's a good one!

john said...

"naturally, I woke up with an insatiable craving for bananas"

I tend to get banana cravings right after my daughter finishes the last banana OR when the bananas have turned so brown even the bugs won't touch them.