Monday, July 14, 2008

No Rest For The Weary

I had the worst sleep ever last night. I feel like a zombie this morning but I couldn't fall back asleep now if I wanted to. My stomach is also feeling a little off so I started the day with a small meal of a banana and blueberries and 5 whole grain Melba toasts (I wound up eating them all with cream cheese after the first two were so good like that!). I'm going to head to the gym soon and I have some errands to run, but there might also be some fun stuff (like a trip to the farmer's market?!?!? We'll see!!!!!!).

During my bought of insomnia last night I picked up French Women Don't Get Fat and started to re-read the first chapter. It really reminded me of how happy I am when I eat for pleasure... This book's philosphy helped me lose my Freshman 7 (thank goodness I never made it to 15) but even more than that it taught me how a healthy body and healthy mind work together to cultivate joie de vivre. I feel like I have stopped thinking this way and I really need to get back to these principles, so I am doing my 'recasting' encore. I do have a few minor pounds to lose but more than that I want to get back to the French way of thinking about food, portions and pleasure. I think I'll finish re-reading the book and focus my meals and my blog entries on changing not only what I'm eating but also how I'm thinking about it. In French Women for All Seasons Mireille mentions walking through an airport, watching people stuffing their faces and her own reaction of shock at not seeing pleasure on any one of these faces. That passage really struck a chord with me and prompts me to think 'how much am I really going to enjoy eating this?' before mindlessly proceeding onwards. For those not familiar with the book, the recasting phase is meant as a period of consciously reducing offenders (food we're prone to overdo without as much pleasure as you may think) reducing portion size but also really enjoying meals and trying new things to excite the palate.

Phew. Well there are my musings for the morning :) Happy Monday!

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Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, get out of my head! We seriously must be the same person or something because I did the same exact thing last night, pulled out my FWDGF book :) one of the few books I brought with me to South America. I definitely need to recast... I've been feeling my clothes get a bit tighter and I haven't been as conscious of my pleasure and satisfaction from the food I've been eating recently. Best of luck to you! We're in this together!