Monday, July 14, 2008

The One With All The Pictures

After a nice 40 minute cardio workout (elliptical and treadmill- I plan on doing ab work tonight to get some strength in, I promise) I came home for some lunch. I made a delicious grilled ciabatta bread sandwich using a generous amount of turkey, provolone cheese, and spicy eggplant marinated in olive oil. Amazing. I had some frozen grapes on the side.

Coffee with a little FWDGF :)

Then began the adventuring. I took the metro (subway) to Marche Jean-Talon, a massive outdoor market that sells a mind-boggling array of fresh produce, cheeses, meats, fish, breads, and just about anything else you can imagine. They set out samples and I did my fair share of tasting, but all of it was fruits and veggies except for a tiny square of homemade fudge.

This store here was grilling small pieces of duck, bison, and merguez sausages- they all smelled amazing.

More meats next to an olive vendor.

Look at how huge this place is!!!

It was tough choosing what to have for dinner, everything looked and smelled so tantalizing. I narrowed it down to a bison burger or waffles, and wound up going with my sweet tooth and having breakfast for dinner. I had creamy melty nutella and banana sliced over light, fluffy, and slightly crispy waffles. Heaven. I left about 3-4 bites but thoroughly enjoyed the portion that I did eat.

I already have a full fridge at home and had to restrain myself at the market. I came home with the best cherry tomatoes I have ever tasted, perfect nectarines, a plum, strawberries, and a persimmion. I sampled all of these before buying them and I am now soooo excited to eat them all :)

It's raining now and kind of gross out so I think I'm going to stay inside and read for a bit or just relax. Have a good night!


Monica said...

all of the fresh produce looks delicious. but i have to admit, the waffle looks heavenly!!!

VeggieGirl said...

Mmm. frozen grapes and a decadent waffle dinner!! Ooh, and that market is gorgeous!!

every gym's nightmare said...

that place is cool. it reminds me of pike place is seattle. they throw fish over your head though, which scares me sometimes. i dont think they'll hit me, but you cant control the fish juice that comes off. bleh.

Anonymous said...

wow - now THAT is a waffle!

i really want to read FWDGT now after reading your posts about it :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing market. I would be overwhelmed with excitement in there!
And that waffle. Wow. It looks absolutely decadent.

I've seen that book in the stores a few times and come thisclose to buying it, but just haven't. Now I think I might have to though.

CeciLiA said...

Wow what a FUN day you had!!! Glad you have a great time - you deserve it girl!! ;0)

Ooo ... how does frozen grapes taste like?! I'm curious because CCV ate them as well :0)

I'm with you on markets - I LOVE them!! Great produce you have there - I WANT some strawberries please!!! Oh btw, THAT waffle look absolutely scrumptious, great choice!!!

just me said...

mmmm...that waffle dinner sounds great! and the market looks like so much fun to walk around at! i'm jealous!