Thursday, July 24, 2008

Protein Is My Best Friend

It keeps me full forever!!! I woke up at 6:30 this morning to get in a good breakfast before heading in to work, and I was just starting to get hungry when I had my lunch at 1. Now that's some staying power! For this meal I toasted up a slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread and spread it with almond butter and half of a banana. For the cottage cheese, I portioned out my serving last night and mixed in cinnamon and some raisins. The flavours blended together overnight and tasted amazing in the morning! (In case you can't already tell, cinnamon and raisin is one of my absolute favourite flavour combinations).

I just realized how terrible these pictures look against the white background! This one looks like my broccoli is floating, container-less... I packed my leftover orange-ginger-tamari broccoli with udon noodles and grilled tofu for lunch, and of course it was delicious :)

I did a ton of prep work last night for today's meals! I made a coleslaw last night too which I had as part of today's dinner. The recipe is based on one I found in the August issue of Shape, but I changed a few things so I'm going to post my version. It was so light and flavourful and crunchy, I definitely recommend this one:


2 tablespoons plain yogurt

1 tablespoon reduced fat or light mayonnaise

1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon lime (or lemon) juice

1 teaspoon agave nectar

1/4 teaspoon (apprx) celery seed

2 cups pre-shredded cabbage coleslaw mix


Mix all sauce ingredients together, then add shredded cabbage and stir to coat. Refrigerate until ready to serve. I stirred some mixed dried fruit into mine and the sweet with the tang of the sauce was perfect! I also had my new favourite dinner combo- mango, 2% yogurt with vanilla almond granola, and cinnamon raisin rice pudding.

I saved the best for last :) Look what Danielle gave me!!!!! I feel so special :) If you don't read her blog, you should, because she is travelling all over the world right now (Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina- you name it, she'll be there) and her regionally-inspired meals and foodie adventures are so much fun to read about. I wish I could go out to dinner with her because I think we'd have a fabulous time discussing FWDGF and eating for pleasure :)

The rules behind the award require you to nominate 7 other bloggers. I honestly don't think I could cut it down to 7 and my blogroll is so unreflective of what I'm reading right now (haven't had the time to update it) so I think I'm just going to say that all of my favourite blogs deserve this award :) I'm cheesy, but it's true, I love this blogging community, reading your blogs, and reading all of the comments you leave for me!!! It truly brightens my day :) Thanks to you guys for actually reading my blog lol when I first started I figured no one would read. So thanks :) Now I'm all happy and I'm going to go prep a fantastic breakfast and lunch for tomorrow :) See you then!!!! (Thanks again Danielle!!!!!)


CeciLiA said...

Hahaha, it's always great to have a good breakfast that keeps you full for a long time ;0)

LOL! The white background doesn't suck at all ... your lunch looks and sounds scrumptious to me - nothing beats nut butter with banana!! oh man, cinnamon and raisins reminds me of rice pudding ;0) I LOVE rice pudding!

Dinner is another yum! Can you cook for me please?! Or should I just come and live with you?! I love the texture (chewiness) of udon noodles <333

Last but certainly NOT least - CONGRATULATIONS on your award, you seriously deserve it girl!! <333
Yea, I agree with you about the 'passing the award to 7 person thing', I passed mine to everyone as well, haha!! :0)

VeggieGirl said...

Love the banana/nut-butter combination on your sandwich - yum!! And congratulations on the well-deserved blogging award :0)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the award!

your dinner looks so pretty... i want to recreate it for breakfast haha

ps - i love the floating broccoli :)