Sunday, July 20, 2008

Take The Good With The Bad

We didn't get rained on!!!! And the bands we chose to watch were awesome. Especially Jack's Mannequin, the lead singer is also such a fantastic piano player! Unfortunately though, there were a few negatives in the day as well....

My brother and I packed some snacks to bring to the concert, because I knew the options would be limited and most likely incredibly unhealthy and unappetizing and also because of my brother's allergy there would be only a few choices suitable for him. Nothing on the venue's website said anything about bringing your own food, so I figured it might be ok. Not so much. I should have hidden my snacks!!!! We had to wait in line for an hour and a half before getting in and it wasn't until you were handing in your tickets that security started yelling out "no water, no beer, no food!" No food?!?! Why didn't they tell us while we were waiting so we would have known to eat before going in??!?! We were too close to the front of the line to do anything at that point and the woman searching my bag grabbed our snacks out and refused to listen to my protests. Even with an allergy she wouldn't make an exception for us to take in a few things. Needless to say, I was pissed. An ALL DAY concert and they wouldn't let a kid with an allergy take in a few things to eat. I was so upset that I had to surrender my precious (and expensive!) Larabars and his rice chips that I was stuck in a bad mood for the first hour. I started feeling a little better after that because the music was good, but thinking about that incident is still making me angry.

This is my glorious almond butter sandwich on flax bread that I ate half of while in line and then had to watch go in the garbage as security confiscated all food. That's right, the garbage. What a waste!!!!!

As I predicted, the options at the concert were few and unhealthy. Now I have no problem with pizza or burgers when they are quality made, then it is worth the splurge and I can enjoy my food. Not this. They had NO vegetarian pizza options- just pepperoni and an all dressed which also had pepperoni. I ate it because I was starving but it really didn't make my mind or my tummy happy. My brother was able to eat corn chips. Yep, that's it.

I was craving almond butter for dinner since I didn't get to finish it at lunch :( So once we got home from the concert I toasted up an almond butter and blueberry jam sandwich on two slices of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread. (I wanted bakery bread but I went so late in the day that they only had a couple croissants and baguettes left- slim pickings so I went with the Ezekiel at my fave health food store). With my sandwich I had 2% yogurt with half a banana and some honey roasted almonds and a medium skim milk latte. I have to work tonight at 7 so hopefully this filling dinner will keep me going all night!

I`m sorry for ranting so much about the concert food policy- it just really annoyed me. Hope everyone else is enjoying their Sunday and the end of the weekend :)


VeggieGirl said...

I understand your rant completely, Linds - it's ridiculous and frustrating that you can't bring your own food into concerts and other venues (trust me, I've been confronted with this issue as well). GRR!!! On the bright side, you DID get to see Jack's Mannequin (looove that band!!) :0)

sweetpotato said...

I've just discovered your blog and I just wanted to say hello!

I'm bummed to hear you can't bring your own food to warped tour! My sister and I are both vegan and going on Saturday.. I was planning on packing us a super awesome lunch. Too bad! Hopefully I can find some way to smuggle in a lara bar or two.

every gym;s nightmare said...

i hate when that happens. and then you have to throw it away- theres no other option. bastards. i would have stood there and eaten everything right in front of them.

CeciLiA said...

UGH! How sad is that, it's seriously frustrating that they don't take allergies into concern!! :0(

That aside, I'm glad you had such a great time though ... Ahhh, your dinner looks heaps better than the lunch you had ;0)