Monday, July 28, 2008

A Taste Of Italy

Isn't this lily just gorgeous? I went over to my friend Conor's house for dinner and he had the flower in a tall green vase in front of his balcony doors. The fragrance permeated the entire apartment and just made me feel so calm and happy.

I'm glad I had my veggie platter before I left for his place because as I predicted, there were very few vegetables on the menu for tonight. To call Conor a gourmand would be a bit of an understatement- he loves fine food, French and Italian cooking, and he does not skimp on his high fat ingredients. We talk food and restaurants together the way some guys talk sports statistics :) On the menu for tonight was Tagliatelle Carbonara, which is pasta in a cream sauce with mushrooms, parmesan, and bacon. I helped him cook and it was quite a lot of fun to make (it's not often that I find myself sauteeing mushrooms in bacon fat). I made sure to keep my portion size small and I thoroughly enjoyed ever single bite. Definitely not something I would want to eat on a regular basis, but perfect for once in a while.

I'm going to make sure I get to bed early so that I can wake up at a better time tomorrow morning!


just me said...

your dinner sounds so unique and rich! i'm glad you enjoyed making it!

rest up!

Anonymous said...

The picture of the lily is stunning, and your dinner sounds so great!

VeggieGirl said...

Oh my goodness, that lily is BEYOND gorgeous!! Love it. And hey, your dinner definitely sounds like it was a nice treat - yum!!

ashley said...

That meal might not be the healthiest, but I bet it was tasty! The flower is gorgeous. It reminds me of this pretty orchard I have in my living room :)