Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tired Feet

We walked all day. Seriously, all day. Movement. I'm so tired. But happy! I picked up my brother from the bus station around 8 and from there we went straight out to breakfast. He got an omlette with veggies and sausage and some potatoes (I had a bite of each) but I just got a cafe latte made with 2% milk because I was still full from my oatmeal.

It was a beautiful day so we were all over town, getting lots of shopping done (for him- I love shopping for boys!). We spent a ton of time in the Lacoste store- there was the snobbiest gay man I have ever met working there but he was hilarious in his snobbery and wound up being semi-nice to us, in that nose-still-turned-up way. Great entertainment. There was another gay man working there wearing ridiculously short white shorts but somehow, he rocked them. Anyway, there really is no way to transition smoothly from gay salesmen to lunch, so I'll just say that lunch was a packed wrap of my leftover veggies from the vegetarian restaurant that I bought on Thursday with chicken, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and mustard. My brother was too full to try the vegetarian/vegan GF restaurant so we'll probably go there on Monday instead.

I had to go to work for a few hours so I ate this granola bar that was being handed out as a free sample on the streets. It was quite sweet and the ingredient list was too long for me to want to eat it on a regular basis, but as a needed snack it did the job.

After work we went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I got a veggie burrito that wasn't all that impressive so I only wound up eating half of it. I had a couple bites of rice and salad and 2 glasses of Sangria. I also had 5-6 bites of my brother's nacho plate, which wound up being really good- the corn nachoes were smothered with black bean sauce, chicken, salsa, and guacamole. Yum!

I was craving dessert big time after the Sangria- alcochol always does that to me. I waited it out and wound up being satisfied with a square of Green & Black's Organic 70% dark chocolate, which I savoured when I got home from the restaurant.

We are going to bed soon and then waking up early to get to an all-day concert. I've already picked up a Larabar and a few other snacks to bring :) See you all tomorrow and hope you're having great weekends!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the concert! I read below that your brother has Celiac disease. My sister was recently diagnosed, so we have that in common.

CeciLiA said...

Hope you'll get some well deserved rest, dear :0) Wow, what a great day you have!! I love free samples - hahaha! WOW! Your vegetable burrito looks SO BIG - I don't think I could finish that either :0) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!

Anonymous said...

Thats so funny about your brother fanning the bread to cool- it looks delicious!!!!

Jenn said...

That caffe latte is awesome - there is something so pretty about drinks in a big mug like that!

I'm adding you to my blogroll - if that's ok!