Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Under The Weather

I was hoping my sore throat and achy head were just a lingering morning thing but seeing as it's evening now and I'm starting to feel a little worse, I believe I can proclaim that I have a cold. In July. Being sick in the summertime is the absolute worst! I will definitely be headed to bed early tonight.

I was craving sweet breakfast food again, so here's breakfast for dinner, round 2:

Half of my St- Viateur multigrain bagel (couldn't let a freshly baked bagel go a day without at least being tasted!) toasted and spread with a swirled vanilla hazelnut spread (nutella-esque, but better, in my opinion), half of a banana, and some 2% plain yogurt with a gingersnap cookie. I found these cookies at my favourite health food store and am so glad I bought them! They are wafer-thin but pack SO much flavour and a light, crispy sweetness. I'll talk more about my new purchases later but I really just want to lie in bed right now :( Hoping I feel better in the morning!

***EDIT*** My stomach was grumbling a little and I was craving something salty so I decided to indulge the craving and had a little snack of pretzel sticks with hummus. I had never tried this combo before, but I gotta say this one's a winner!!! So tasty together. I went back for a little more after finishing my bowl, so I probably ate about double this amount in total. Ok, NOW I'm going to bed, I promise!


Anonymous said...

feel better!

Monica said...

oh no, i hope you feel better after a good night's sleep! at least your food looks really tasty!

CeciLiA said...

Oh bugger, hope you feel better soon :0) Yummy ... nothing beats vanilla hazelnut spread with bread .... oh oh oh *wiping off drool*

Can't wait to hear about your gingersnaps purchase - sounded really good!!!

Hehehe, hummus + pretzels?!! First time I see someone combining the two together - looks good though!!

Good night!!