Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thoughts & Decisions

It's been a rough weekend. I'm working a full time job and a part time one and usually I do at least one double shift day per weekend but this time I did two, fitting in an insane 26 hours of working in two days. On top of this, on Friday between shifts I walked back and forth all over town to look at apartments. Needless to say it's Sunday and I woke up at noon after getting home from work at 1 last night- I think I can safely say my body needed the rest. Some weekends I'm able to keep with my healthy habits and some weekends, such as this one, I don't. I really don't think these past few weeks have been a good example of recasting- my schedule is far too crazy and I haven't been able to practice the most important parts of starting a recast, which are preparing all of your own meals at home (I have no kitchen in this apartment), avoiding offenders, "as a child would walk away from a fight" (I'm working at a restaurant and have unlimited access to gelato, my number one offender) and taking the time to seek out good food and enjoy every aspect of the dining experience (again, I hate this apartment and don't even have a table to eat at). I think my weekdays have been pretty good despite not containing as much home-cooked content as I would like, but my work-filled weekends have just been terrible. I expect my schedule to calm down a bit come September, when I will be taking two night classes in a grad program and still be working but at least I won't be at the restaurant any more and I'll be in an apartment I like with my boyfriend :)

I've decided, then, that since I want to be a good example of recasting that other people can follow and prove that you can slim down while eating for pleasure, I want to start a proper recast in a few weeks. I don't want to give the wrong impression here and make it seem like you can't implement the principles of FWDGF if you're busy- I will still have a busy schedule, but I'll be away from my offenders and so eating well will be much easier. In terms of the right now I have enjoyed posting my meals though so I think I will continue to do so (though probably not every one when I'm in Boston). So the content won't be changed much from how it is now- good weekday eating but my weekends are going to be a little more offbalanced, resulting in maintenance instead of a loss. When I do begin my recast, my less-hectic weekend eating will look more like my weekday eating.

I'm really looking forward to September and slowing down a bit. I can't wait to do more cooking and include more recipes on the blog and have it better reflect my values in terms of eating and living. Thanks for understanding and I cannot wait to truly begin my recast and start embracing for myself the habits I admire in others.


VeggieGirl said...

Regardless of what/how much you post, you KNOW that I'll continue to be a loyal reader :0) Hang in there, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

Danielle said...

I completely understand and cannot wait 'til September now :) in the mean time please try not to work too hard! Good luck with the rest of August, if you need anything along the way, we're here for you!