Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Meeee

I've always loved birthdays for the simple fact that they are your day. You get to choose what you do, where you go, who comes to your party (lol my inner 8 year old coming out there) annnd you get to choose the food. Of course. The food. Though I love going out to dinner, staying in and cooking is often just as fun- and with birthdays just 5 days apart, the boyfriend and I decided to save some cash and just go all out with two days of awesome home birthday menus :)

For my day, I chose pizza. It's such a fast and easy dish using my new fave dough recipe. I doubled it to get 2 pizzas, topping one with buffalo sauce, tomato sauce, chicken and mozzarella like the first time I made this, and for the second one I just coated the dough with olive oil and spread caramelized onions, walnuts, and Swiss cheese on top. In retrospect, I wish I had used some figs on this one too, but they weren't totally necessary and both pizzas tasted fantastic.

What's a birthday without cake?! For myself I chose to make this yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting. So yum, a nice light crumb texture and nothing was cloyingly sweet. And there's my sweetie placing candles on the cake in the shape of a '23'. Awww :)

For his day, the birthday boy decided he didn't want cake and challenged me to find a lower-fat sweet. Which really isn't a challenge at all when you have Happy Herbivore recipes at your fingertips. I made her Pecan Cinnamon Buns and I was absolutely blown away by how good they were. I mean, of course having used her recipes before I expected perfection, but this.... These sticky buns were out of this world good. And so easy. They were definitely my favourite item on the birthday menu roundup and will be making many future Sunday morning appearances.

Naked buns, frosted buns! Hahaha

Then for dinner, we had Smitten Kitchen peanut sesame noodles, except that we had them hot, and had vegetables on the side so that each noodle bite could be as peanut buttery noodley as possible (birthday boy request).

Birthdays should also involve lots of wine- I think there's a bottle visible in every picture except with the cinnamon buns. We had those at 10am so we held off on the wine. But just until noon.


VeggieGirl said...

The most DELECTABLE birthday celebrations!!! Wowza, I'm loving all the desserts and meals :-D

Mandapants said...

Happy birthday, kiddo! Those cinnamon buns look fabulous, by the way!

Anonymous said...

hey, Happu Birthday! All the birthday food looks DELICIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweetie!

healthy ashley said...

I hope you have/had the best birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Happy Belated to the both of you! Staying in is a great idea, especially when you make such AMAZING birthday eats. I can practically smell the cinnamon buns.

Sharon said...

Wow, looks like a scrumptious birthday! YUM!
Happy Belated Birthday - and ooh those cinnamon buns look tasty!

Zesty Cook said...

Beltaed Happy Birthday! All the desserts look amazing.


B_Hlthy said...

Happy Birthday Belated!
I just found your blog so Hi too!

Danielle said...

Happy VERY VERY Belated Birthday! Looks like you really enjoyed it and I'm oh so glad :). Hope to see you around soon darling :)

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